Bob is homeless, Grace is fatherless, and Penny is hopeless. These three strangers, kindred in desolation, serendipitously connect as Bob endures through an economic recession that has left him destitute. Ryan Simpkins (Arcadia, A Single Man) and Jason Field (House M.D., CSI: NY) star in this socially relevant and moving story.

Set in a 2011 Los Angeles suburb, Bob appears as a normal guy to the casual onlooker, but further investigation would reveal that he has nowhere to live. He wanders alone from day to day; trying to convince himself that failure is only part of a larger process.

Vagrancy eventually leads him to twelve-year-old Grace, whom, at first glance, Bob has nothing in common with beyond an interest in video games. It doesn’t take long for Bob to grasp the depth of Grace’s solitude and for both of them to appreciate that, in each other’s company, they’re no longer alone.

Similarly, when Bob encounters Penny, her defeat is a reminder that being displaced can manifest in many forms. But a simple, kind exchange between the two of them ends up meaning more than either could realize. It turns out, Bob was right all along; failure, as well as finding a place to belong, is all part of the process.

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